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"GPIO Expansion for Raspberry Pi"

Note - These boards work with all types of Raspberry Pi That have the 26 or 40 pin GPIO connector, but were originally designed for version 1 A and B models. Full HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) specification with many different modules due shortly.

Having trouble interfacing with the Raspberry Pi?

Board Range click for details

Would you like

  • to add a 5V circuit and not worry about the different voltage levels of the Raspberry Pi?
  • add your own components by soldering, for more permanent solution than breadboarding?
  • to protect your Raspberry Pi from GPIO circuits with up to 15kV ESD protection?
  • an easier way to connect your small circuit to the Raspberry Pi?
  • several tutorials to build up your ability to interface with the Raspberry

Our GPIO Expansion Board Series for the Raspberry PI can Help

Boards features are -

  • Fully bi-directional GPIO expansion on all GPIO lines transparently
  • Level Translation between 3.3V Raspberry Pi and your 5V circuit
  • Isolation of Raspberry Pi and your circuit when the Raspberry Pi is turned off or whilst being connected1
  • ESD protection between your circuit and Raspberry Pi of up to 15kV
  • Connector mounted on board for direct connection to Raspberry Pi no extra cable to make
  • Interface and level translation circuit already on the board
  • Prototyping area of 0.1 inch matrix holes to solder your components to
    • All GPIO pins available as Matrix holes labelled in groups for easy connection
    • +5V and GND matrix of holes top and bottom of card for easy power wiring
    • Matrix holes laid out with groups of 3 matrix holes connected together to save on wires and strip board cutting
  • See images of boards in product range and in Product Brief PDF document to see what we mean about labelling and connected matrix holes
  • I2C Connector can be added, so you can daisy chain boards together or interface to your I2C device that has to be a distance away.

More details available in the Product brief PDF document

Products are made up boards, some kits will be kit of parts to add to a made up breakout board to match the tutorials that will be available here and with the kits.

More details available in the Product brief PDF document

To order, please contact sales.

For larger quantities (more than 10) and overseas orders contact sales for more information.

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