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"Arduino Software and Custom Shields"

Need a Shield for an Arduino/Genuino or small production run?

Would you like

  • A specific add-on designed and built for you?
  • Have a design that needs to be made more rugged or changed to smaller size or lower power?
  • Your idea created into a small production run with documentation and test software?
  • Do you have one not working as expected that could do with another set of eyes to look over it?
  • Want to make an educational package?

Whatever your needs, please contact sales.

Arduino in a Box

Supplied to local schools for classwork on GCSE courses, to be used from Arduino IDE or Flowol. Box contains Arduino/Genuino Uno, small breadboard and collection of components to do various activities.

Arduino in a Box
  • Various jumper cables
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • small box of components containing
    • Small patch wires
    • 2 different resistor values
    • Red Green Yellow and Blue LEDs
    • Multi-colour LED
    • 7 Segment LED
    • 2 switches
    • Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)

Interested in something similar contact sales.

Student Projects

There are several examples of designs and hardware builds for student (17 to 18 year old) A level course projects, whilst being the mentor for their software writing acting as the customer to their project.

See the section on School Projects, many have Arduinos as the main board.

Interested in something similar contact sales.

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