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"Student A Level Projects"

The following are designs and hardware builds for student (17 to 18 year old) A level course projects, whilst being the mentor for their software writing acting as the customer to their project.

DMX Theatre Lighting Controller

This example of a custom system to be a standalone DMX theatre lighting controller or DMX bus monitor.

Boards features are -
  • LCD interface - and brightness control for backlight
  • PS/2 Keyboard interface
  • 2 x DMX Universe interfaces with ability to act as DMX device, or main output and repeater on each Universe.
  • 4 x Switch inputs by ¼ inch mono jack, to act as lighting cues.
  • 4 x push button for menus functions under LCD
  • 4 x push buttons. For Start/Stop show, Step and Programmable Functions
  • 8 x LEDs to show if cable connected
  • 8 x dual colour LEDs show status for Cue inputs or Universe Connections
  • 2 x dual colour LEDs show status for Programmable Function buttons
  • 4 x LEDs for general status
  • Internal NVRAM to store lighting shows / sequences (separate to processor memory)
  • Buzzer for alerting operator to major problems
  • Directly plugs onto an Arduino Due
DMX Controller setup on Due

Logic Tester

This example of a custom board for testing logic devices (DIP package 74 series, 14 and 16 pin).

Boards features are -
  • LCD interface - and brightness control for backlight
  • PS/2 Keyboard interface
  • Simulated automatic handling interface
  • Monitoring of device current
  • Monitoring of a few analogue pins
  • Simple LED status
  • Simple push button to start testing
  • Monitoring if device is loaded
  • Different boards for different sized devices to test
  • Directly plugs onto an Arduino Mega
Full Logic tester setup on a Mega

Robots or Autonomous Cars

One year was two projects using arduino controlled robots (actually small car frameworks). Each was different solution solving but involved using two driven wheels, ultrasonic sensors and for one IR (Infra Red) tracking from an IR beacon.

These were forms of maze solving or route mapping projects.

Using IR tracking from an IR beacon was to simulate finding a survivor in a building.

Robot Unit with Arduino Uno
Robot Unit
IR Beacon on Arduino Uno
IR Beacon for Robot to find

On the page there is a short movie of the robot in action.

Interested in something similar contact sales.

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