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LogicCell - Logic Gates Module
Nothing Beats ACTUALLY
Wiring Up Gates For Learning

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LogicCell - Logic Gates module for Education and Hobbyists

LogicCell - 48 pin Logic Gate Module

To many understanding logic gates and logic equations is very dry and no connection can be made with life, computing or how this effects software algorithms. For many until they do things like write software techniques they cannot understand the workings till they do it themselves.

Sometimes you might want to work out how these weird symbols can be linked together, or you might have thought about a circuit and would like to be able to see if it works to match your on paper design. You can use some graphical and other types of computer programmes to check circuits of logic gates, but to many it is just like playing a video game and does not instill understanding or even ability to repeat for exam questions.

Nothing beats ACTUALLY wiring up logic gates for trying and understanding logic circuits, with the selection of different gates possible.

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How LogicCell can help

LogicCell is a 48 pin module, meant for mounting on a Breadboard or your own PCB, to provide a selection of gates, along with switches for controlling inputs and LEDs to monitor outputs of gates. By mounting on a Breadboard users can use Male to Male Jumper wires to connect inputs and outputs, to match any circuit using the gates on the module, linking multiple modules, or adding extra ICs on your Breadboard (or PCB). The selection of gates are actually implemented as individual gates on the module, a total of 14 gates each marked as IC1 to IC14 on the module.

LogicCell IC Locations

The choice of gates are -

  • 2 x AND
  • 2 x OR
  • 2 x NAND
  • 2 x XOR
  • 4 x NOT
  • 2 x D-Type

So that is a total of 14 gates available for your use.

LogicCell Examples

The User Guide (with examples and introduction to logic), pinout diagram and Fritzing examples are available in the Downloadable Resources section.

The guide contains an introduction to logic, with examples for most sections of the guide. The main sections of the guide are -

  • What Is Logic ?
  • LogicCell Setup
  • Describing Logic Circuits
  • Simple Gates
  • Complex Gates
  • De Morgan's Law and Usage
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • Storage Functions

Mounting and Powering LogicCell

LogicCell - Minimal Mounting on Breadboard

For simplicity the LogicCell module can easily mount onto a Breadboard, with the USB B connector at one end. As many schools have Breadboard and USB A to B cables for when they use Arduino Uno boards, the module can be powered by the USB cable. For those who understand the implications it is possible to externally power the LogicCell module, refer to the User Guide in the Downloadable Resources section for more details.

Note the USB cable is used to supply power ONLY to the LogicCell module.



Adding Extra Logic to LogicCell

LogicCell and Extra IC on Breadboard with Power Wiring

There will always be times when someone will have a circuit that requires more than one LogicCell or need a special circuit added to run a specific circuit.

Mounting the module on Breadboard allows extra circuits to be added, and the board can provide a limited amount of power to the Breadboard when the GND and +5V pins are linked to the Breadboard as shown to the right.

Downloadable Resources

Ordering LogicCell

We are currently shipping LogicCell module on its own but getting together kits for including breadboards and jumper wires.

To order, please See pricing details.

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