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LogicCell - Logic Gates Module
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LogicCell - Downloadable Resources

Click links for available resources to download, note formats of files.

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Manuals in PDF format

User Guide and Introduction Version: 1.00 Size: 1.28 MB

LogicCell Pinout Diagrams

LogicCell Pinout Diagram (A4 PDF) Version: 1.00 Size: 79.3 kB
LogicCell Pinout Diagram (PNG) Version: 1.00 Size: 37 kB
PNG format diagram. Hint when printed out at 40% of size this
is the same size as the module.

Fritzing Component

LogicCell Fritzing Componemt Version: 1.00 Size: 24.9 kB

Fritzing Examples from User Guide

AND Gate Example Size: 33 kB
OR Gate Example Size: 32.6 kB
NAND Gate Example Size: 30.7 kB
NOR Gate Example Size: 33.5 kB
NAND Gate Equivalence Example Size: 33.3 kB
XOR Gate Example Size: 32.4 kB
AND Gate De Morgan's proof Size: 36.7 kB
OR Gate De Morgan's proof Size: 35.4 kB
NAND Gate De Morgan's proof Size: 35.2 kB
NOR Gate De Morgan's proof Size: 36.2 kB
Half Adder Circuit Size: 33.9 kB
Full Adder Circuit Size: 40.1 kB
Basic RS Flipflop/Latch Size: 34.5 kB
Transparent D-Type Latch Size: 32.7 kB

Zip file Resources

LogicCell Fritzing Component and Examples Size: 491 kB
LogicCell Breadboard diagrams from User Guide Size: 354 kB
LogicCell Circuit diagrams from User Guide Size: 324 kB
ALL of the above documentation Size: 2.5 MB

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