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Web Site Services

PC Services has experience and skills in web page design, and testing for many companies, including diverse areas like -

  • Providing, organising or managing web site hosting[1] and domain names
  • Organising email forwarding and testing
  • Web site design
  • Recruitment Agencies on line databases, in MySql/PHP and hard coded 'C'.
  • Web sites with large picture galleries
  • Small Company websites
  • Home user Websites
  • Providing Skeleton web sites and domains
  • Rebuilding websites and CGI scripts from corrupted webserver and rebuilding CGI scripts and database from NO backups
  • Assisting companies in maintenance of their own website

These have been written in various forms of HTML, PHP, Perl, Javascript and in some cases 'C' for CGI scripting. Some of these are available from the "PHP and Javascript Tips and Scripts" resources pages. These have communicated with various forms of online databases from MySQL to databases written in C.

No application is disregarded for size or complexity. PC Services will look at your requirements and offer various solutions, above all else help you determine what is useable!

At the end of the day ALL of the web page content and details are in your name and your possesion, we do NOT keep control of any part of the package after delivery. Leaving you to decide what you want to do and with whom for any updates or changes. More importantly you have a backup of the web site pages and scripts on delivery.

Time for web page design PACKAGE can start from as little as half a day's time (actual not elapsed), depending on the complexity of your web site. Sometimes if the job is really quick and small it can be less.

For examples see some of our customer links and ask them what they thought of our service.

Those looking for examples and tips see the PHP tips and tricks Resources section.

[1] These webpages are being served from PC Services own BSD (a Unix variant) webserver.

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