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PCs and Networks - for Small to Medium size Businesses

  • So you have one or more computers?
  • Do you have problems or errors with your systems?
  • Need to network your systems, or need multiple systems to acces the internet?
  • Want to use/setup a wireless networks securely?
  • Looking to upgrade or buy new systems?
  • Needing to go to server(s) or networked printers?
  • Need to transfer your data and setup a new system?

These are only a few types of the many enquires PC Services have dealt with since 1994.

If your system is not supplied by PC Services and still under the manufacturer's or another company's warranty please contact them first.

Networking and Internet Access

PC Services has often configured networks (occassionally even cabling the network), added or upgraded internet access. Often called upon to assist in resolving broadband and internet access issues.

Wireless networks, require careful setup to ensure only those who are allowed to access your wireless network, have access. We try to resolve physical problems if possible as in some places wireless will not work or is not practical.

System Tunings & Configurations

Getting performance out of a system is always a problem. From home systems to networked systems PC Services can offer cost effective methods of helping you get the most out of your system(s).

Many new and older systems, have many things running that don't need to be running so the performance can be imporved greatly. No system has been encountered yet that cannot be improved.

System Repair & Data Recovery

PC Services are often called upon to help customers new and old, with their wayward systems that have developed hardware or software faults, and even virus or malware/adware/spyware infections. We strive to reconfiguring and testing the system(s) on customer site or at our offices, along with existing data transfer where possible.

Whilst recovering systems we will advise on measures to improve security and backups of data, suitable for your budget and situation.

All systems are tested on customer site to make sure all programs work as the customer normally uses the system(s).

Home and Small Business systems

PC Services will assess your requirements and how you intend to use the end solution, bearing in mind how you currently operate and intend to operate. Let not any new system be a hinderance but an assistant. Contact us with your requirements, and we will gladly discuss your needs and wants.

Currently this includes establishing small and medium sized networks for home and business users, including servers, and gateways to the internet.

Often called upon for network and server upgrades with data transger/migration required.

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