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Arduino Due based - DMX Theatre Lighting Controller

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DMX Theatre Lighting Controller

This example of a custom system, was designed and built for an A level student Computing project for them to design and write the software. In this case a standalone DMX theatre lighting controller or DMX bus monitor.

Scope Shot of DMX Transmissionn

In order to drive two DMX Universes, unit needs to be powered from an external power unit, in order to drive the RS485 signals under all conditions. This power board has its own power converter, so will accept 7 to 12V input, and provide the 5V main power to drive the unit and the Due board it is normally attached to.

Multiple Cue inputs (external switches like effects pedals or whatever is suitable) to be able to trigger sequences or part sequences.

Menu driven interface for easier operation with or without a PS2 keyboard. Shows / sequences can be stored in onboard NVRAM to make unit standalone. Use of the Due means USB memory devices could be added for loading and saving other sequences or shows.

Other operational mode of the unit is as a DMX bus monitor, to test a DMX bus when things are not working. Those wishing to reprogramme the unit then could make this into a DMX device. DMX drive boards incorporate automatic termination depending on cables connected.

Board running a test scheduler application

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Boards features are -

  • Separate power bower board and connections for standalone power, PS2 keyboard and 4 x Cue Inputs
  • Separate DMX driver boards (not shown) for standard 5 pin XLR DMX cable connection, one board per DMX Universe
  • LCD interface - and brightness control for backlight
  • 2 x DMX Universe interfaces with ability to act as DMX device, or main output and repeater on each Universe.
  • 4 x Switch inputs by ¼ inch mono jack, to act as lighting cues.
  • 4 x push button for menus functions under LCD
  • 4 x push buttons. For Start/Stop show, Step and Programmable Functions
  • 8 x LEDs to show if cable connected
  • 8 x dual colour LEDs show status for Cue inputs or Universe Connections
  • 2 x dual colour LEDs show status for Programmable Function buttons
  • 4 x LEDs for general status
  • Internal NVRAM to store lighting shows / sequences (separate to processor memory)
  • Buzzer for alerting operator to major problems
  • Directly plugs onto an Arduino Due

Interested in something similar contact sales.

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