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Random Thoughts

Operating Systems - (July 2012)

Operating Systems and Virtual Machines

An Operating System is primarily the means of making a computer into a virtual machine that looks the same to all programmes that use it.

Most programmers use an Operating System as if the computer has

    • virtually infinite clock speed,
    • virtually infinite memory
    • and really has ten times inifinite disk space.

Paul Carpenter         October 2011

Change and progress - (June 2011)

Always remember in anything you do -

"Change is inevitable
  Progress is not".

The Not So Simple User Interface - (June 2011)

All our new gadgets have more and more buttons, often NOT making things easier to use. Consider these comparisons -

  • Telephones
    • Old analog telephones (POTS), have one switch to start and end a call,
    • Mobile phones and cordless/wireless phones, have two buttons - one to start a call and one to end a call.
  • Televsion remotes for digital TV in UK at least (DVB-T) have many buttons, many TV services have additional information or linked channels for sports events to watch different matches, like at Wimbeldon to watch a different game. These are normally signified on the main channel by an icon or message to "use the RED button". Major problem is the TV remote has two RED buttons, one of which is the Power button!

All Things Bright and Beautiful - (May 2011)

Those who went (or had to go) to church regularly as children or suffered school assemblies, will remember the when in doubt children's hymn - "All Things Bright and Beautiful".

Well this got me thinking about toys for toddlers and other young children always are bright colours, have the ability for lots of movement (intentionally or thrown), makes lots of noises (intentionally or when hit).

Does anyone notice the parallel with every new operating system for computers or phones, has to have lots of bright colours, things that move or are animated, and of course lots of noises....

Are we not DUMBING down and lowering the intelligence level of users.

A Computer Prayer - (May 2011)

I have seen this in many guises and versions, from wall posters to newsgroup postings over the years, could never find a copy when I wanted, then one popped up in The Daily WTF so to be another place that keeps a copy of a version, here is the "Computer Prayer" -

Our Program who art in Memory,
Hello be Thy Name.
Thy Operating System come,
Thy Commands be done,
at the Printer as it is on the Screen.

Give us this day our daily Data,
and forgive us our I/O Errors
as we forgive those whose Logic Circuits are faulty.

Lead us not into frustration,
and deliver us from Power Surges,

for Thine is the Algorithm,
the Application, and the Solution,
looping forever and ever.


Perennial SI Units and Beauty - (May 2011)

This comes from the OLD joke -

    The unit of beauty is 1 milliHelen, as 1 Helen
    [aka wrongly Helen of Troy]
    had a face that could launch a thousand ships.
    Therefore a face that could launch one ship would be 1 milliHelen

Now the corollary to this is -

What is the point of having a face so beautiful to launch ONE ship if she also does not have a Pamela Anderson[1] cleavage to launch the ship.

[1] Insert name of your local mega-busty celebrity here..

Acronyms (2010 onwards)

I always hate acronyms and other marketing speak, so some alternative meanings for acronyms can be seen here.

Dyslexic Spill Chucker (February 2010)

Remember Dyslexia means you never have to say you are 'syrro'

Also for this page almost any slepping mistake is avowed.

For full details see Spill Chucker here.

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