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"Custom Add-ons Raspberry Pi"

Need a Special Addon for a Raspberry Pi to be more rugged or small production run?

Would you like

  • A specific addon designed and built for you?
  • Have a design that needs to be made more rugged or changed to smaller size or lower power?
  • Your idea created into a small production run with documentation and test software?
  • Do you have one not working as expected that could do with another set of eyes to look over it?
  • Want to make an educational package?

Whatever your needs, please contact sales.

Here is one example of a custom board for monitoring larger Solar panels

Customer wanted a means to add logging of how his solar panels, to a Pi, each of them could produce 12 to 18V output at 10A in maximum sunlight conditions. In addition two switches needed to be monitored running from the same solar panel power. So required more than what most people see when interfacing to a Pi in way of voltage levels and current ratings.

Needed to be low power in itself as the Pi was being powered from batteries charged by the Solar Panels.

Boards features are -

  • 2 x Current measuring inputs (0-10A)
  • 2 x Voltage Measuring inputs (0-20V)
  • 2 x GPIO switch contact inputs, debounced and ESD protected
  • ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) on I2C to convert analog inputs
  • Connector mounted on board for direct connection to Raspberry Pi

Click on an image for an enlarged view of the picture.

Solar panel monitor under test Fully Assembled Solar Panel Monitor
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