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Some Common PHP and Related Issues

These pages are dedicated to some of the issues I found whilst designing and overhauling some PHP websites with and without databases. Some of these issues are not easily findable elsewhere and can be useful.

Some methods will seem obvious to those who have developed using modular programming, unfortunateley a lot of web developers have not done so, as can be seen from many of the sites I have looked at or even rewritten. On one site I took a badly structured database and normalised the data for better performance and expandability, doing this and proper programming techniques enabled NINE different pages for searches to be reduced to ONE simpler module. The worst sin was there was three groups of pages, where in each group of three pages there was only ONE line different in each one!

Considering at the end of 2008, it was estimated that something like 500 web pages are published every second, the state of a lot of the web sites looks like the "infinite number of monkeys and an infinite number of computers".

Note The assumption here is a minimum of PHP 5, being used. Test on your setup before using on a live site.

The areas covered are:-

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