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Other Activities - non-business

Yes, we do get involved in things other than work, These vary from various normal household duties, through gardening and keeping an allotment, to things like helping at local shows. There will be additions to this section over time, some possible additions are likely to include photos of local events and possibly things like major Flower Shows.

The latest addition being added is the photo galleries of the 2009/2010 Winter major snowfalls. They were major for this area of the country, (Reading), as normally we are lucky if we see 12 mm (half an inch) in a whole year, in 2009 there were two major snowfalls in February and December, which totalled as much as the previous 10 years! Then in January the first snowfall was at least three times as what fell in December 2009!

Some of the latest additions in each category, click on image to go to that image details, or use the menus on the left.

Winter 2009/2010 Snowfalls
Top of street snowman 6th Jan 2010
Allotment - Building a LARGE composter.
Mainly built using recycled timber
and new paving slabs.
Finished 15 slabs 14th June
Back Garden - Tree Peony in 2009
with five blooms each about
300mm (12 inches) across.
5 blooms at once view 2
Hedgehog visitor
in 2006/2007
hedgehog eating
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