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Winter 2009/2010 Snowfalls

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Caversham Snow during Winter 2009/2010

Why pictures of snow? Well simply normally if we see any snow it is gone in a day or two, more recently we have had snow around for weeks and a cold period longer than most. One night the measuring point 8 miles from us, registered -20°C (-4°F), see also a NASA sateliite photo of the UK unusually completely covered in snow.

The latest addition being added is the photo galleries of the 2009/2010 Winter major snowfalls. They were major for this area of the country, (Reading), as normally we are lucky if we see 12 mm (half an inch) in a whole year, in 2009 there were two major snowfalls in February and December, which totalled as much as the previous 10 years! Then in January the first snowfall was at least three times as what fell in December 2009!

If you see white specks in the pictures these are snow flakes still falling!

21 Dec 2009 - 8pm Short St abandonded cars
21st December 2009
8pm and car abandoned in our street
6 Jan - Short St, 12 hours of snow
6th January 2010
6am - after over 12 hours of snow
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