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Dyslexic Spelling Checks

We all remember the old short verse -

"How much wood
could a woodchuck chuck.."

Well this is a simple parody for dyslexic spelling checkers...

Parody     Original

How much slepping
would a spilling chucker chick,
if a spending cricket
could clutch spleens?

As much slepping
As a slooping cracker slepps,
if a spilling chucker
could crack slepping.


How much wood
would a woodchuck chuck,
if a woodchuck
could chuck wood?

As much wood
As a woodchuck would,
if a woodchuck
could chuck wood.

© Copyright 2010 onwards by Paul Carpenter, PC Services, UK. (where applicable)

Remember Dyslexia means you never have to say you are 'syrro'

Also for this page almost any slepping mistake is avowed.

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