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The REAL Meaning of those Acronyms

We have all seen them from CIA, FBI, NASA, MI5, MI6, CSA, through to CPU and RAM. Now the REAL meaning of those Acronyms or what you really think they should mean.

There have been many such 'real' meanings to airlines and other industries over the years. See what you think of these -

Acronym Meaning (or common meaning)
WWW Willy Waving Wars
  (old and common saying about website designers)
Windows 8 Based on customer comments
That is spelt H A T E
Windows 7 Not really acronyms but close, mainly customer comments
Seven TerraBytes of disk space to store the operating system.
Seven time as much of your time maintaining the tool that is supposed to do your work.
Seven time as long to start up.
Seven more pop up windows to open documents.
Seven times as many annoying wizards.
Seven more nags to do anything.
(See also 1086 Syndrome)
UPS Unified Parcel Shredding
BT Bloody Thieves
Bloody Tortuous
  (when trying to get hold of the RIGHT call center)
DFS Does not Finish Sale
  (mainly UK furniture warehouse with never ending sales TV adverts)
(a UK railway company)
We Are Going Nowhere
  (as reported in many places)
CSA Complete Screwup Authority
XP eXtra Price
eXtra Pretentious
eXtra Problems
  (note changing the first word to 'HIGH' could be true for HP)
VISTA Very Insensitive Sexual Training of Aardvarks
RAM Really Awful Mess

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