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USB to SPI board (FT2232D)

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FTDI USB to SPI Master - Evaluation kit

This board adds extra hardware to enable better control of clock phase externally to the FT2232D. Reading of Clock Phase 1 is done within software.

Customers have used this board and host applications to evaluate and test their own devices.

This board is a bus powered SPI Master interface capable of variable word lengths (8 to 32 bits) and variable block lengths, using all modes of SPI clock and phase. Software limits to a single word length read. It is possible to power low current consumption circuits from this board.

Hardware Specifications

  • Board size - 70 x 45 mm
  • Mounting - four corner holes for M3 screw fixing (connected to ground of circuit)
  • Connectors - USB B to PC, and Molex KK100 6 way 0.1 inch for SPI to device.
  • SPI Power - Selectable as 5V or 3V3, power available on output connector.

More software details, with screen shots and scope screen shots to come.

If you want further details contact sales,

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