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FTDI USB device - Example Applications

These example applications use the FTDI chips for connecting devices via USB to PCs.

For more information on their chips, datasheets, drivers and other examples please see the FTDI website.

Note for SPI on FT2232

It is not directly possible to use D2XX calls to directly control Clock Phase with MPSSE, you only easily achieve Phase 0 (CPHA), i.e. data is valid on first clock edge after Slave Select (SS). whether this edge is rising or falling depends on the clock polarity (CPOL) also known as clock idle state.

See also hardware evaluation unit that enables clock phase by software controlled hardware.

USB-SPI board

This board is a bus powered SPI Master interface capable of variable word lengths (8 to 32 bits) and variable block lengths, using all modes of SPI clock and phase (not directly supported by FTxxxx MPSSE engine). Software limits to a single word length read. It is possible to power low current consumption circuits from this board.

Hardware complete and tested, shipping documentation and software almost complete. If you want further details contact sales, Click image for more details.


FT2232 C/D

These examples can also be used as the basis for the same functions on FT2232H and FT4232H devices.

  • Visual Basic V6 SPI and FIFO example
    • MPSSE-SPIV104.zip (46908 bytes), zip file of source and executable for example application to read and write bytes to Port B of FT2232D as a FIFO and SPI (CPOL=0 and CPHA=0), transfer using the MPSSE functions on Port A.

      To drive Port B as a FIFO, requires serial EEPROM on device and being programmed with MPROG application from FTDI, see example circuit as Eagle Schematic or PDF.

      Includes logging of actions, reading EEPROM, scanning for first FT2232C (or above) device.

      Also has traps for no device connected or no driver loaded. See example log files.

      V1.04 fix minor bug for read only bits command sending.

    • readme.txt (1952 bytes), readme file included in the above zip file.

Ongoing support of EXAMPLES

Due to various issues, PC Services will only provide limited support or updates to this or other examples using FTDI devices.

So you are welcome to download examples, which are provided on an as is basis.

Other Examples

PC Services will consider hosting other examples if others have difficulty hosting them, however README files and similar to be included in any archive to contain at least the same information as example(s) above.

CAD Libraries

Eagle Library (by CadSoft) library for most FTDI USB chips available here.

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