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Timing Diagram Font Usage Notes

Usage tips supplied by Dave Kellogg - January 2008

Installation and usage in documents

This Timing font allows you to easily draw timing diagrams in Word, etc. Its home page is

To install the Timing font, I simply copied the "timing.ttf" file to my "C:\Windows\Fonts" directory. If you have problems, see -

"Install a new font on your computer" at

Print out a copy of "TimingFontCribSheet.gif" (included in distribution zip file), to see the Timing font's keystrokes. The key mapping is well thought out.

To use the Timing font in Word (on a PC with the font installed), simply change the font to "Timing", and use the keys (shown the crib sheet) to draw the waveform. Like any font, you can change its size, bold it, color it, high-light it, etc. The Timing font's characters are fixed width.

Distributing documents using the Timing Diagram font

To make sure that the Timing font is properly displayed on different computers without the Timing font installed (in Word or PowerPoint), embed the Timing font directly in the document. This will increase your document's file size by about 15K.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Save tab.
  2. Under Save options, select the Embed TrueType fonts check box. Do NOT select the "Embed characters in use only" box.

The timing font must be embedded for each document (ie, it is not a permanent setting in Word). When the recipient opens the document, the Timing font is NOT installed on the recipient's computer.


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