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Timing Diagram Font

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Timing Diagram Font

Please be sure you have read the usage and other legal bits on the main page, before requesting.

Full terms are available here.

Also see the Licensing FAQ section


Install the font into your operating systems fonts directory that supports TrueType® and away you go.

So far this has been known to have worked on Microsoft Windows® and several versions of Linux®,

Some Usage Tips

Dave Kellogg was sent and tried the font, and created some notes on how to use the font, you can see these notes here.

Getting the font and try

Due to some corporations and their employees not following license conditions you must request the font and possibly pay for it, first give details of your intended usage, number of computers, type of company or university course. If we see that your usage is for a "For Profit" purpose you will have to pay for a license. - request here for Timing Font V1.10, Check back for updates as if this proves popular We may well redraw the font with more detail later, or even add more aspects to the font.

Due to the nature of fonts you cannot see or trail the font until it is loaded on your system, hence we have to check your usage first.

Let us know what you think

It is always nice to know that some of the over 3,000 users are finding the font useful. Drop us a line to let us know you found the font helpful, or in rare cases even not, by contacting us here.

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