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Timing Font - Technical FAQ

Known issues with some PDF printers

PDF printers to generate PDF files direct from your application, however the following are known not to correctly embed Symbol fonts -

  • Acrobat PDFWriter 4.05 for Windows NT (including XP/Vista/Windows 7)
  • Macromedia FlashPaper 2.01.2300.0
  • Full Adobe Acrobat (not just reader) V5

This is NOT a bug with the font but the way the PDF files are generated, the source applications have been seen to print on printers correctly and export to other formats correctly. The problem is the PDF generator tries to only save the characters used in the font and often save the wrong or incomplete sets of characters, especially after a re-edit.

If you can set the appliaction to embed the complete font, not just the characters used.

A test you can perform is to copy faulty text from a PDF file, paste directly into a OpenOffice Writer document, then exported to PDF file. If this new PDF file is then opened the font will be shown correctly.

When I save a file and open in another application or on another computer characters are missing.

When saving or exporting the file from the first application, ensure it embeds the whole font. Do not embed only the characters used as a lot of applications get this wrong. See comment on PDF printers.

Is it possible to Overstrike characters in Microsoft Word?

Yes, it is possible to overstrike a lot of characters in Microsoft Word, but this requires a Macro, see the Microsoft Article How to create special characters with overstrike in Word.

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