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Email Processing example

BEFORE Starting - Configuration

Make sure you done the following minimum edits to configuration files for this to work as described in the README.TXT file.

Namely -

  • conf.php - this resides in same directory as pcse_mail.php
    Ensure referers setup with your domain names for the server.
  • Templates directory, ensure all email aliases are set to your own email address for testing in files
    • contact.php - Processing details for Contact form
    • contact2.php - Processing details for Booking form
    • contact3.php - Processing details for unsubscribe form
  • The files are setup to be in the directory '/emailtest/', if this is not the case the following changes must be made -
    • Files in document root of server
      • delete 'base.inc'
      • Set $base_level in 'global.inc' to 0
    • Files in folder below document root of server (e.g. emailtest )
      • Edit 'base.inc', and set $base_dir to path with trailing slash only e.g. "emailtest/"
      • Set $base_level in 'global.inc' to number of levels down (e.g. for 'emailtest/' set to 1)

What Menu Links Do

The choices allow for using the same processing script the grunt work of the processing to be configured dependant on calling form and then process results as a confirmation email to the user and more detailed email to the recipient of the requests.

Once the data is submitted it is then processed to provide the email(s) if successful and a confirmation page. The same confirmation page layout is used the messages displayed on the confirmation page fall into three categories

  1. Thank You/Confirmation of valid request
  2. User error missing or wrong information supplied
  3. System/Configuration error - someone needs to check the configuration

The messages displayed are configurable and output from the email processing script.

Demonstration process

If no email address have been setup, the copies of the messages (if no errors) are shown on the results page. This is demonstration mode

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