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Eagle PCB CAD software ULPs

This page is for User Language Programs (ULP) for Cadsoft Eagle CAD software for making schematics/PCBs. As this has become a small part of the Autodesk empire all libraries will remain available here, no updates are possible to the libraries on Autodesk site.

PC Services are moving away from Eagle as the long term support of the software and its use for longer term projects in its newer form does not work for us.

All ULPs unless otherwise stated have been used with Eagle V6.40 and above. Most have been used even with Eagle V7.30 with no problems.ULPs supplied by PC Services and made available on an AS IS basis, so check them before use.

All ULPs have detailed help and comments in ULP file giving details of How to use.

Available ULPs

PCBOM - Bill Of Materials V2.00

While working on a multi board set, and always having to edit output files from standard BOM ULPs, to remove unnecessary columns and make more easily printable, created a new version with customisable settings and ability to save the settings to be user personalised defaults.

To install

Download zip file pcbom.zip (10,435 bytes), and extract to your own user ULP directory.

PCBOM - Main Screen

Featuers include -PCBOM - Help text

  • Better Help Dialog
  • Better output formatting and removal of extra blank columns at end of lines
  • Tidy up older versions of code and remove redundant code and variables
  • Selectable columns for output
  • CSV format customisable separator
  • Text output (often printed) supports selectable wrap column and two modes of wrapping automatically, and the headings of columns wrapped the same.
    • Column Mode - if last column in line is column to wrap in and has more than a minimum number of characters on line will wrap in column for easier printing (see image below).
    • Line Mode - when many more columns to still be printed, the remainder of the line is wrapped and indent to align with start of second column for easier reading
  • Text mode remove extra spaces from end of all lines
  • File Modifier can be set as well as extensions, shipped default is to add '-BOM' to filename and use extensions '.csv', '.txt', '.html'
  • Sorting in Value mode now also secondary sorts by Part Names (C1, C2..) for better groupings.
  • All settings for the controls on the Main dialog box can be edited in an include file see Help and comments in file. This way the user does not have to set their preferred method every time.
To install

Download zip file pcbom.zip (10,435 bytes), and extract to your own user ULP directory.

PCBOM - Preview output in text mode
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