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Eagle PCB Library - Teensy Modules

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Below is the description page included in the Eagle library of Teensy Module families.


Teensy Library

See www.pjrc.com/teensy

Version 1.1 28th February 2023

V1.1 improve Teensy 4.0 definitions

Created by Paul Carpenter of PC Services, Reading, UK.,   www.pcserviceselectronics.co.uk

Updates to this library can also be obtained from PC Services Eagle Libraries

Libraries have variants for

  • Main Pins - ONLY the main pins normally used
  • Both Sides pins - Footprint for pogo pins to access rear side 'pins' actually pads
  • Both Sides separated - Separate Eagle Gates for main pins and rear side pins

Use of POGO pins

POGO pins are pins mounted often on a pcb with spring contacts of various shapes to often test or allow quick connect and disconnect between PCB assemblies.

Footprints here are designed for Mill-Max pins for through hole mounting so they offer -

  • Pitch of pins 2.54 mm (0.1 in) or smaller
  • PCB mounting hole of 0.5 mm (0.02 in), for easier alignment
  • Current handling of 1 A or more
  • Working height (compressed pin height) to allow connection to stacked PCBs of
    • Minimum 9.5 mm
    • Maximum 11 mm

    Thus enabling easy stacking of Teensy PCB to main PCB, allowing connection when main pins and connectors on other PCB are with 10 mm combined height
Recommended Mill-Max POGO Pins
Part Number Contact Shape PCB hole
0908-9-15-20-75-14-11-0 Dome 0.5 mm
0978-0-15-20-75-14-11-0 Point 0.5 mm

Teensy Modules Supported

Part Number Main pins Both Sides pins Both Sides separated Notes
Teensy 3.5
Teensy 3.6
Teensy3.5/3.6 Teensy3.5/3.6+POGO Teensy3.5/3.6+POGOSEP  
Teensy 4.0 Teensy4.0 Teensy4.0+POGO Teensy4.0+POGOSEP  
Teensy 4.1 Teensy4.0 N/A N/A 1

Notes on packages

  1. Teensy 4.1 has separte "Eagle gates" to define Ethernet and Hosted USB connectors
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