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Eagle PCB Library - Ramtron Ferro-Electric RAM (FRAM)

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Below is the description page included in the Eagle library of Ramtron Inc - FRAM devices.

  • Website - www.ramtron.com
  • V2.0 - 9th January 2008 - fix to FM20L08
    ramtron.lbr (22,310 bytes), FRAM devices mainly surface mount.


RAMTRON Ferro-electric Non-volatile memory (FRAM)

Version 2.0 9th Decemeber 2008

Created by Paul Carpenter of PC Services, Reading, UK., updates to this library can also be obtained from the PC Services website www.pcserviceselectronics.co.uk.

Contains definitions for some RAMTRON FRAM devices (mainly parallel bus versions) check the datasheets first at Ramtron website www.ramtron.com.

Version 2.0 contains correction to FM20L08 VDD/VSS pins.

Tables of Devices supported

Parallel Bus

Part Number Library Name NVRAM Size Voltage Package
FM1608-P FM1608 8k x 8 5V DIP28-6
FM1608-S SO28W
FM1808-P FM18L08 32k x 8 5V DIP28-6
FM1808-S SO28W
FM18L08-P 32k x 8 3V DIP28-6
FM18L08-S SO28W
FM20L08-TG FM20L08 128k x 8 3V TSOP32-8x16
FM22L16-TG FM22L16 256k x 16
512k x 8

I2C Serial connection

Part Number Library Name NVRAM Size Voltage Package
FM24C04A-S[-G] FM24* -SG 512 x 8 5V SO8
FM24CL04-S[-G] 3V
FM24C16A-S[-G] FM24* -SG 2k x 8 5V SO8
FM24CL16-S[-G] 3V
FM24C64-S[-G] FM24* -SG 8k x 8 5V SO8
FM24CL64-S[-G] 3V
FM24CL64-DG FM24* -DFN DFN-8
FM24C256-SE[-G] FM24* -SE 32k x 8 5V SO-8W
FM24C512-G FM24* -SE 64k x 8 5V SO-8W

SPI Serial connection

Part Number Library Name NVRAM Size Voltage Package
FM2504A-S[-G] FM25 -S 512 x 8 5V SO8
FM25L04-S[-G] 3V
FM25L16-G FM25 -S 2k x 8 3V SO8
FM25C160-S[-G] FM25 -S 5V SO8
FM25CL64-S[-G] FM25 -S 8k x 8 3V SO8
FM25C640-S[-G] FM25 -S 5V SO8
FM25256B-G FM25 -S 32k x 8 5V SO8
FM25L256B-G FM25 -S 3V
FM25L256B-DG FM25 -DFN DFN-8
FM25L512-DG FM25 -TDFN 64k x 8 3V TDFN-8
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