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Eagle PCB Library - TI/NXP picogate

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Below is the description page included in the Eagle library of TI/NXP picogate devices, 74AHC[T]1Gxx in SOT23 and SOT353 packages.

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TI/NXP (was Philips) Picogates

SOT353-5 and SOT23-5 package SN74AHC1GxxGW or SN74AHCT1GxxGW family single gates

Version 2.0 30th Augustl 2015

Created by Paul Carpenter of PC Services, Reading, UK., updates to this library can also be obtained from the PC Services website www.pcserviceselectronics.co.uk

Contains definitions for mainly dual source picogates (one gate per device) check the datasheets first.

Most devices can be powered as 3V or 5V.

Tables of Devices supported

Parallel Bus

Part Number Library Name Function
74AHC[T]1G00 AHC00 Two input NAND
74AHC[T]1G02 AHC02 Two Input NOR
74AHC[T]1G04 AHC04 Single INVERTER
74AHC[T]1G08 AHC08 Two input AND
74AHC[T]1G14 AHC14 Single Schmitt INVERTER
74AHC[T]1G32 AHC32 Two Input OR
74AHC[T]1G86 AHC86 Two Input XOR
74AHC[T]1G125 AHC125 Single Tri-State BUFFER
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