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Eagle PCB Library - Pickering Relays

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Below is the description page included in the Eagle library of Pickering Relays SIL 101 and 107 Series.


Pickering Electronics Ltd - Relays      www.pickeringrelay.com

Version 1.1 30th April 2007

Created by Paul Carpenter of PC Services, Reading, UK.,     www.pcserviceselectronics.co.uk

Updates to this library can also be obtained from PC Services website

Contains definitions for Pickering Relays check the datasheets first.

Relays are SIL, drive by TTL or 74HC drive, shielded.

Symbols have coil drive and contacts as seperate gates within device.

Nomenclature of Contacts to packages

Type Description Number of
Contact gates
SPNO Single Pole Normally Open 1
SPNC Single Pole Normally Closed 1
SPDT Single Pole Double Throw 1
SPCO Single Pole ChangeOver
    (direction of pins)
DPNO Double Pole Normally Open 1 (or 2 -G)
DPNC Double Pole Normally Closed 1 (or 2 -G)
DPDT Double Pole Double Throw
    (seperate contacts)
DPCO Double Pole ChangeOver
    (Combined pairs of contacts)

Tables of relays defined

101 series (with Coil Diode)

Part Number Library Name Pins Device L x W Contact Configuration Seperate Poles
101-1-A SPNO-101-1-A 4 20 x 5 SPNO -
101-1-B SPNC-101-1-B 4 20 x 5 SPNC -
101-1-C SPDT-101-1-C 5 20 x 5 SPDT -
101-2-A DPNO-101-2-A 6 20 x 5 DPNO No
DPNO-101-2-A-G Yes

107 series (with Coil Diode)

Part Number Library Name Pins Device L x W Contact Configuration Seperate Contacts
107-1-A SPNO-107-1-A 4 19 x 5 SPNO -
107-1-B SPNC-107-1-B 4 19 x 5 SPNC -
107-1-C SPDT-107-1-C 5 19 x 5 SPDT -
107-2-A DPNO-107-2-A 6 19 x 5 DPNO No
DPNO-107-2-A-G Yes
107-2-C DPDT-107-2-C 5 24 x 5 DPDT Yes
DPCO-107-2-C DPCO No
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