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Eagle PCB Library - FTDI USB devices

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Below is the description page included in the Eagle library of FTDI USB devices, (FT232, FT245, FT2232[C/D/H], Viniculum).


USB-Controllers from Future Technology Devices International Ltd.


Version 4.00 17 July 2010

Based on the source of the libraries ftdi3.lbr and ft2232c.lbr.

With new FTxxxR Types. Old AM Types (first generation) are not included.

Updated to make consistent symbol style, and other updates like same prefix for all devices, and improve this page.

Includes the following controller:

  • FT232BL , FT245BL (2nd generation)
  • FT2232C (3rd generation)
  • FT232RL , FT232RQ, FT245RL, FT245RQ (4th generation)
  • FT2232C
  • FT2232D (4th generation)
  • FT2232H USB 2.0 64 pin device
  • Viniculum host controller chip

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