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Eagle PCB Library - 7 segment displays in Aries Display Sockets Vertisockets

Below is the description page included in the Eagle library of 7 segment LED displays in various mounting configurations including Aries Display Sockets Series 800 Vertisocket™.

  • Last updated March 2012
  • 7seg.lbr (23,831 bytes), 7 segment LED displays in various configurations.


7 Segment Displays

DIL packages on PCB or various forms of sockets

Version 1.0 -   16th March 2012

Created by Paul Carpenter of PC Services, Reading, UK., updates to this library can also be obtained from the PC Services website www.pcserviceselectronics.co.uk

Contains 7 Segment displays in many mounting variations, by different Library package variants as follows -

Library Package Variants
Variants Orientation Socket type PCB Row pitch
  Normal PCB direct As device
S Socketed Normal DIL Socket As device
V Vertical (90°) Aries 800 Series
(Short Side to PCB)
As device
R1 Horizontal (90°) Aries 800 Series
(Long Side to PCB)
0.1 inch
R2 Horizontal (90°) Aries 800 Series
(Long Side to PCB)
0.2 inch
R3 Horizontal (90°) Aries 800 Series
(Long Side to PCB)
0.3 inch

Parts in Library

Part Number and Library Name
Part Number Digits Commons Pins Row pitch Manufacturer Library Name
SC03-xxxx 1 2 x Cathode 14 0.3 inch Kingbright SC03
SA03-xxxx 1 2 x Anode 14 0.3 inch Kingbright SA03
SC08-xxxx 1 4 x Cathode 16 0.6 inch Kingbright SC08
SA08-xxxx 1 4 x Anode 16 0.6 inch Kingbright SA08
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