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Eagle PCB Library - 3m PCB Sockets for ribbon cable style

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Below is the description page included in the Eagle library of 3m™ double row, 0.1in pitch, centrebump polarised PCB socket to mate with standard headers.


3M PCB Sockets (Reverse of standard Plugs)

Reverse IDC connectors

Version 1.1 -   3rd August 2012

Created by Paul Carpenter of PC Services, Reading, UK., updates to this library can also be obtained from the PC Services website www.pcserviceselectronics.co.uk

These sockets are the 3M Series 5100 (horizontal) and 8500 (vertical) sockets; PCB sockets on 0.1in pitch double row for mating with standard centrebump polarised 0.1in pitch, double row ribbon cable connectors.

Part Number and Library Name
Pins Vertical Horizontal
Part Number Library Name Part Number Library Name
10 8510-4500 SKT10V - -
16 8516-4500 SKT16V - -
20 8520-4500 SKT20V 5120-B7A2 SKT20H
26 8526-4500 SKT26V 5126-B7A2 SKT26H
30 - - 5130-B7A2 SKT30H
34 8534-4500 SKT34V 5134-B7A2 SKT34H
40 8540-4500 SKT40V 5140-B7A2 SKT40H
50 8550-4500 SKT50V 5150-B7A2 SKT50H
60 8560-4500 SKT60V 5160-B7A2 SKT60H
64 8564-4500 SKT64V 5164-B7A2 SKT64H
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