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Articles on many engineering aspects from embedded to servers

List of available articles as and when produced, covering many ranges of engineering and business from electronics and software on embedded systems to servers for many areas of business operations.

Current Articles

Stacks Myths and Run Time Monitoring Stacks, the often neglected aspect of embedded programming, correct sizing use and monitoring of your stack.Some thoughts on misuse and how to gather statistics and traps to stop runaway stack situations crashing your embedded systems. This should be part of your arsenal of defensive programming. 20th March 2018
Medical Databases 25th May 2018, is not so far away and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes in to replace the Data Protection Act. As part of software and servers review ongoing at one of my customers, I have had chance to analyse various aspects of deploying Practise Management Software to medical practices and all the problems. Still not found a package that has the capabilities or even the plan to comply with GDPR. 6th September 2017
The Perils of GPIO The problems from hardware, software and micro selection of GPIO and peripherals on embedded micros (MCU) 18th January 2017
A Resolution Too Far How PCB CAD packages take resolution and accuracy that makes you think software can split atoms. 16th March 2017
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