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Gallery of Logic Device Tester

This example of a custom system, was designed and built for an A level student Computing project for them to design and write the software. In this case a standalone unit for testing logic devices (DIP package 74 series, 14 and 16 pin), utilises an Arduino/Genuino Mega as control.

Complete Logic tester setup on a Mega


Project tested over 30 different devices in the same code, device selection via serial port or PS2 keyboard interface. When a test is completed the Pass or Fail code is also output to serial port, for other systems to log if required.

Monitors some analog functions and current consumption of the device, along with testing logic functions of many device types.

In real semiconductor testing Automated Handling is often used to load and remove many thousands of devices between tests, so the tester had simulated inputs and outputs using additional switches and LEDs.

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Boards features are -
  • LCD interface - and brightness control for backlight
  • PS/2 Keyboard interface
  • Simulated automatic handling interface
  • Monitoring of device current
  • Monitoring of a few analog pins
  • Simple LED status
  • Simple push button to start testing
  • Monitoring if device is loaded
  • Different Test Interface boards for different sized devices to test
  • Directly plugs onto an Arduino Mega
Successful Test pass
The main user interface using LCD The main tester shield
Display when test started with no device Forced Failure Detection

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