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Supplied to local schools for classwork mainly on GCSE courses, to be used from Arduino/Genuino IDE or Flowol. Box contains Arduino/Genuino, small breadboard and collection of components to do various activities.

Power and USB connections are on the back of the box. The contents of the kit all fit in the box for easy storage.

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  • Main box holds all parts for storage, including USB cable
  • Arduino Uno mounted in bottom of box
  • Breadboard with patch wires linking power rails on both sides, mounted inside box
  • Various jumper cables (male to male)
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor with male to female jumper cable
  • Smaller box of components containing
    • Small patch wires
    • 2 different resistor values
    • Red Green Yellow and Blue LEDs
    • Multi-colour LED
    • 7 Segment LED
    • 2 switches
    • Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)
Uno and breadboard mounted inside the box Inner box of loose components
All the parts spread out Full kit and cables inside the box All parts inside the box and back view of USB oand power connector

Interested in something similar contact sales.

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